The Journey Continues: Aug. 15, 2018

I didn’t post it yesterday, but my brother in the hospital had been put back into ICU Monday evening.  He had begun to vomit and in so doing, asperated.  His lungs were compromised so he was on oxygen and they thought they may have to put him on a respirator.  His intestines were totally asleep so nothing was leaving his stomach which led to the vomiting and many more complications.

Yesterday morning as I was having my devotions before going to the hospital with Kathy, my younger brother and his wife, and taking Glenda, God seemed to tell me to leave Herb with Him both spiritually and physically.  We prayed together as we got to the hospital and then went to be with Herb for a little while.  His trauma doctor came as we were there.  He explained the complications and what they were doing to address them.  Herb looked so ill it was hard to watch all that was taking place.  Early last evening Glenda called to say Herb had POOPED 3 times and the nurse had called to tell her!  The nurse said Herb had kept him very busy the last couple hours.  Who would ever think of praising God that someone had pooped 3 times, but we did right then and there!

This morning as I was about to start my journaling I reread yesterday’s entry.  It was there I saw what God had told me.  I was stunned.  The trauma of watching Herb and feeling so helpless had overridden any memory of what God had said to me.  It was another moment of giving thanks back to Him for His faithfulness in spite of whether I had remembered or not.  How much I love our Father!

One last thing, yesterday afternoon when we had gotten home, I was reading Facebook entries.  Facebook had posted an entry I’d made three years ago announcing my book.  It was encouraging me to share it for its 3 year anniversary.  I immediately thought I sure wouldn’t do that but I was also immediately corrected in spirit saying I needed to do this.  It was for celebration purposes and not any of the old lies I use to hear and believe.  I did it and it was amazing to see how many people responded with comments about how much it has helped them.  There were also a few who didn’t know about it and wanted to know how to get one.  God is faithful to His promises.  He does make all things new!

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