The Journey Continues: Aug. 31, 2018

Today is a celebration!  It is my oldest daughter’s birthday.  She wouldn’t want me to put her age here so I’ll just let her do that part if she wants.  It makes a dad’s heart happy to see our kids doing well with their lives.  “Well” doesn’t mean a perfect life, but working to make the right decisions which honor God first and man second.  She does a good job working on this!

I started Song of Solomon this morning in my devotions.  It has always been to me the love story which is way too much like a chic-flick–it is so romantic that this guy I am thinks it is too overboard for me.  Well, tucked away in the middle of it is a nugget of wisdom I would have missed entirely if I hadn’t been reading it from the Joyce Meyer bible.  In chapter 2 verse 15 it says: “Take for us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards for our vineyards are in blossom.”  Joyce writes a life point to this verse which I’m sure God wants each of us to better understand.  She says, “What this means is that people’s lives are typically not destroyed by what we would consider ‘big’ issues, but by a series of smaller, seemingly insignificant choices or compromises.  Watch for the little foxes in your life; forgive even the most minor offense so that your heart stays clean, do not cut corners in your finances or on the job when you think no one will notice, do not expose yourself to ungodly influences, thinking it won’t hurt me if I do it just this once.  Little thinks add up to big things, and before you know it little foxes can ruin a strong, healthy vine.”  Notice that the verse says the vineyard is in blossom.  Satan doesn’t want any fruit forming so he destroys all he can ahead of the fruit.

God really wanted me to read and process this today.  Yesterday was filled with little foxes.  Without going into it, I witnessed it happening last night with one of our Celebrate Recovery folks.  They simply left due to some circumstances, leaving Satan rejoicing–I’m quite certain.  It is the little things that go unattended and build up which almost always cause the significant damage.  I’m asking God to help me stop and deal with the little foxes when I see them.  I also want to help others stop and do the same.  This message is a tremendously strong recovery piece for which  I needed reminding. It is putting Godly Wisdom to work.

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