Last Sunday Kathy and I attended a new Sunday School class at our church.  It is being taught by our senior pastor’s wife.  She is an outstanding teacher so I wanted to attend it just because she was doing the teaching.  The class is all about the Old Testament characters and their relationship with God.  I’m always intrigued by man’s relationship with God, including my own. The incredible thing I heard which won’t leave me alone is that God’s intent in creating us is to have a relationship with us–it is as simple as that.  Throughout the Bible and throughout time He continues to open doors for this relationship with Him to happen.

This morning as I was having my devotions I was journaling about the things which God has me doing and hoping I’m doing them well for Him.  In so doing, I asked the question I always conclude with:  “Father, what do you want me to know from You for today?”  His response took me for surprise.  He made it very clear that my relationship with Him will never be built from what I do for Him.  He created me to BE in relationship with Him and that didn’t have anything to do with DOING.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this, but this morning, it went right to my heart.  He went onto say that I’ve tried to hide my (supposed) incompetence all my life thinking what I heard when I was growing up from dad made me less than competent.  This person God created is just how He wanted me.  As I go to complete any work He has me do I am going as the person He created to go do this work.  I don’t need to hide anything.  If there were something I was unable to address/do He who is in me (The Holy Spirit) will take care of it. 

I know I have struggled with the insecurities of relationships forever.  However, it is time to let God help me see this as a character flaw He wants to address.  I am ready to face it too.  So, thank you Father!  I love You for loving me and seeking this relationship with me. 

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