Yesterday’s post was only the beginning of what God had in mind for the day.  Until yesterday morning I was going to my counseling appointment to let him know I was very grateful for the last couple weeks and thank him for them.  God had done His needed work in me.  However, because of this new awareness, I felt very led to tell him what had taken place.  In our hour together he took me through therapy to a place where instead of me remembering what dad or my brother had done so I could know it was all about them, he took me to the same place to hear what God wanted to tell me about who I am to Him.  It was amazing. 

The stirring I had felt yesterday deep within me of truth that Christ loved me seemed significant to the counselor.  So his last therapy of the morning was to have me center on what God wanted me to know about this Light within me.  In this session I saw myself as I did almost 10 years ago when the counselor then was helping me connect to little Earnie.  This time however, I saw little Earnie with a firm, huge wall protecting him from the flames of torment.  It seemed God turned me around from the path of doom I thought I’d need to take, to see a very green pasture which was right behind me.  The fence was gone that was in the original scene 10 years ago.  Instead, there was this lush, green pasture inviting me to go into it. 

This morning as I continued my devotions and journaling about all of yesterday, God said this is the place of rest my Holy Spirit is leading you into.  You don’t work to get here, you get here by letting the Holy Spirit lead you here.  All of a sudden I could sense The Holy Spirit taking my hand as we walked into this new reality.  This is truly a spiritual place that is real today.  Until now it has been a hope for eternity. 

Today I will be working with a school all day.  But, as I do I will be doing it with a heart at peace knowing I am a child of God with Christ actually on the throne of me and The Holy Spirit having full reign, for in my spirit I am now at peace!

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