Today we will be heading home. It was a funny but not so funny moment yesterday when we all headed to the hot springs. Kathy had been there once before years ago. We made it ok but no one knew we’d need boots/galoshes to walk into the springs. The parking lot was 18″ or more of snow and deep slush and Angie’s rig got stuck so had to push it out with others helping. The kids had only brought flip flops for their feet thinking they’d use them in the water. Anyway, we chalked it up to a nice drive and headed home.

Sometimes I don’t know or understand why windows /timing works out the way it does. I know this is in God’s hand and when we pray for God to be in charge, I need to accept His timing as perfect. I am doing that too. What troubles me I know likely troubles God, but God sees all that I don’t and this is where I need to draw the line for trusting. Yesterday was a day for this and today will likely be another one. I choose to trust.

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