He is RISEN! He is Risen Indeed! I can hardly fathom the depth of love it took for God to give His One and only Son for each of us. Knowing He would accomplish is one thing, but to actually give your son to die for each of us is the greatest demonstration of love I can imagine. How fortunate to serve this God!

We got home yesterday without a hitch. It was a couple of great flights. I hadn’t anticipated however the disconnect I feel this morning from our own Easter at home. Having gone through the Easter week with Amber’s family and church family and now being here to go to church at our own, I lack the connection I’ve always had. It’s an odd sensation but I know it is one which will soon dissipate when I get to choir practice and the Hallelujah Chorus begins to resonate in my spirit to Worship this Son called Jesus Christ! What a wonderful Savior He is!

Today all of our family here will be coming for Easter dinner and the little ones will find eggs while the older ones hide them. Kathy spent yesterday prepping for the meal and I kept myself from mowing the lawn so the grass will hide the eggs just a little bit more.

I’m in a whirlwind of learning from the book, The Spiritual Man. I just wonder if I can ever be so free of flesh and soul sins. As I was journaling this I was instantly reminded that I can be “one day at a time”. This is how God works with me and each of us. I want to be free forever, but for this earth, it is one day at a time. This is my commitment and I’m so grateful God made a way for us!

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