Today I BELIEVE! Today as I journaled to God, instead of asking Him what He wants me to know from Him, I asked, “What do You want me to believe from You?” I have lived a lifetime knowing much, very much about God, Jesus and have learned much about The Holy Spirit. Believing it, even though I say I believe it, actions don’t always show my belief. Thus, I know but I don’t always believe.

There are things in life right now which I have no control over. I can step into them and do things which can lend help, but they are out of my control for I am not God. However, what I have been learning, especially yesterday, is that if I live by knowing only, I will stay in the midst of worry, anxiety, frustration, fear and repeat them over and over. It is when I step into BELIEVING that the burden/weight of sin is lifted.

God is answering prayer all around me. I believe this because I don’t have to see all that God is doing to know He is doing this. I believe! Did you know that eternal life doesn’t begin at the point of our physical death? It actually begins at the point of salvation when we asked Christ into our heart. From that point forward we are given eternal life. However, the freedom from sin or the temptation of it, doesn’t begin until our flesh is dead. Freedom of the bondage from sin can, however, start here on earth and it does this not by what we know, but by what we believe. The new creation God has made us to be upon our point of salvation starts when I finally believe I am a new creation and it starts for you when you believe. I asked God this morning to answer my plea of Mark 9:24: “I believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” I don’t want any longer to live by knowing, I want to live by believing.

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