Yesterday’s fishing trip was a day to remember. Taking my 8 and 9 year old grandsons with my younger brother equals memories to keep. Even my brother thanked these two boys for a fun day for him. We didn’t know it at the time we quit at the lake, but we got home with 100 fish, 98 crappie, 1 -8″ bass and 1-12″ perch. We didn’t keep at least that many others. We called this day a fishing success! Last night I pan fried fish in our largest skillet thinking the boys would take the rest home for their mom and siblings. They ate them all! I helped, but I was amazed at how they much they loved them.

Today I’m meeting with a couple of our pastors planning for the big weekend in September when Christopher Yuan comes and then we kickoff our two Restoration Ministries. There is so much I want to have happen to ensure that every single person who ought to be present will be there for the weekend. Then, I pray that every single person who should come to the classes will find the courage to take their step to find the healing for that which haunts them.

This morning God reminds me of Who He Is! He also reminds me that I am free to work for Him, believe in Him, promote Him through the Kingdom Work He wants me connected with. For a moment I reflected on my recent past. I use to be involved in God’s ministry work to hide who I really thought I was. Even though I love doing God’s work, I’d pray it would give me the merit in God’s eyes so I could live with Him forever. Now, these lies I can tell are what God uses to help others step out of their traps set by the evil one as he’d done to me for so long. How amazing our God is!

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