Today, the journey begins quite late in the morning. I haven’t slept until 8:30 am for so long I cannot remember. However, I haven’t stayed up until 4:15 am for so long I can’t remember! Two days ago Kathy and I arrived at my daughter’s @ 3;30 am to pick up her and our granddaughter for the university visit in Phoenix. 48 hours later (this morning @ 3:32 am) we arrived once again at our daughters to drop them off from the visit.

It was a whirlwind trip and I certainly feel the consequences of it as I sit here. However, I cannot deny the presence of God this morning as I had my delayed devotions. It seemed like ages ago that we were in Phoenix and I sensed Him directing me back to His Son Jesus. Yet, this morning I began to journal to Jesus and all of this was confirmed again. Somehow I know I’m ready to trust and believe Jesus as I’ve never done before. I’ve needed to understand the “power” of disobedience as well as the “overcoming” power of obedience. This morning as I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know and believe for today, He said my first step in obedience is to believe. There is so much I could add to this first step which I now understand. But, it starts with me believing once and for all that Jesus is ALL POWERFUL just as His Father is. He isn’t just the wonderful son of God through man who “made it through life without sin”. He conquered sin through His obedience and He is our Teacher who will help us do the same. I’m ready to be His next student with my full attention on Him.

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