I love September and I love March. It sounds silly to write this but it is nonetheless true. Both of these months bring the hope of change. March brings the hope that the cold and doom of winter is leaving and September brings the hope that the heat of summer is ending. I do enjoy everything that summer brings to us–gardening season–I just don’t enjoy the intense heat that accompanies summer. I endure it because my love of gardening overshadows it.

Now that this is stated, my journey brings me today to addressing what I wrote about yesterday. It is something that truly needs addressing, but it is nonetheless, difficult to do so. I sort of hate being “the right person” to do this. This morning I’ve given it to God knowing Jesus and The Holy Spirit are within and the promise that when we act in obedience to God’s nudges, The Holy Spirit is already working.

Today brings the restoration classes to focus again before the congregation. I pray for people to be open to their needs and to The Holy Spirit’s nudges if they are hurting from an area needing help. These are such difficult things to address as I well know, but, the freedom on the other side is so worth fighting to have. I know this is why Satan works so diligently to keep people in their closets, but Jesus Christ is still the Answer and I’m praying this will be felt and known this very day as the services begin. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

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