The journey of yesterday was God ordained. The conversation I had stewed about for days took place with tenderness and with loving kindness. It seemed to even be welcomed. I look upon this and see just how much The Holy Spirit prepares for His Work to be done. Why oh why do I question this each time? Trusting God to be at work is exactly what He is always doing for it is His Work. Pray and Obey, the assignment of yesterday needs to become my daily action. I want it to be but my flesh gets in the way so often.

Today I go to my schools again. As I prayed and had my devotions, so many requests seemed urgent. I know Satan is trying to tear apart families, destroy confidence in God’s promises, promote shame and so much more. Yet, God asks me to do nothing more than this –Praise Him and Believe Him. As I was bringing these requests before Him this morning I was seeking what to do. His message was clear, “I AM the destination for all things done. Bring your requests to Me and know I AM GOD. I AM the GREAT HEALER of all wounds. I AM THE HEALER of all family crises, I AM THE HEALER. Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Light. Go through Him to find ME and when you are there–STAY. This is the place you TRUST and OBEY.”

So, this morning I bring to God through His Almighty Son, my requests. I trust and will obey what He leads me to do. How much I love this GOD we serve.

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