The reality of a powerful weekend is coming together which is only 9 days away. I’ve been in touch with Christopher Yuan’s admin and talked with him directly in the last couple days. We are refining the schedule for the weekend and including time for him to meet with our family support group and for all the leadership working with our Celebrate Recovery, Restoration Ministry and pastoral staff. Saturday night Kathy and I get to host a dinner with Christopher and his parents, a couple from Boise who Christopher says he wants us to get to know. They have a passion for this work. All of this leaves me “weak kneed” thinking there must be something I’m leaving out and what is it?

This morning’s reading in the Psalms 57:7 says, “My heart is fixed, O God, my hear is steadfast and confident! I will sing and make melody.” Joyce Meyer writes a statement regarding her lack of confidence at times and how Satan feeds insecurities as she is working with her ministry. I know those voices of insecurities for they scream at me. It was God’s timing to read this for the voices in my head have been screaming at me regarding this upcoming weekend. I sensed Jesus’ voice this morning saying to take a step away from the heat of the moment and look up at Him. He is the Master of this Work, not me. I am to complete my part. The voices in my head are there, but He is also there and to let Him deal with them while I do my part of obedience. Confidence doesn’t always look the way we feel inside. However, confidence acts on doing what God leads us to do in spite of these inner voices.

I love this God Team!

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