Today’s journey is one like most Mondays. I am going to the Jr/Sr High school. However, in my mind I’m battling tomorrow’s visit with the middle school kids and parents who will come. I know I am to be present in today’s assignment of work so this morning, being up early for the drive, I brought it all to Jesus.

This morning Jesus reminded me that I am not to try and take charge. He is in that seat. There really isn’t any preparation for tomorrow night. I just take some books and be ready to answer any questions I’m asked and talk some about what prompted me to become an author. This I can do. In my spirit I am full of anxiety. I don’t want to lead any child astray or give parents false information. This morning Jesus is showing me how these thoughts are planted in my mind by my own fear and by Satan preying on me. Outside of writing about this event in this blog, I’ve only told a couple people I’m doing this. So, this morning I realize I need to contact my prayer warrior and one other friend. I’ll do both of these so they can be praying. The old flesh was speaking in me saying that this trip is just another attempt “to be better than you are”. This morning I see this clearly so I’ll take the steps of telling.

Today is God’s day and I’m in it for today. Tomorrow will come and I’ll be in it for the day. Today, I want to stay focused on Jesus’ assignment for it. To God be the glory–great things He hath done!

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