Our Oklahoma son-in-law’s parents arrived last night to go to dinner with us and spend the night. They graciously are driving a pickup back to Oklahoma City which is being given to our granddaughter by her “Grampie” who lives outside of Seattle. It is a treat to have them come. Kathy and I have always enjoyed having them with us. They haven’t been here for16 years.

Last night was Celebrate Recovery night and we had our meeting ahead of time with our pastor who oversees this ministry. We hadn’t been able to meet for a few months so there was much to talk through. There is some internal strife at the present so the meeting was very necessary and healthy. I do thank God for the way He takes charge when we step out of His Way.

Today I get to stay home and clean up the last of Fall. There are leaves still falling from a few trees. I wanted to let them finish before I go out and rake, but I can’t stand them being all over the way they are so today will be a great day to get to them and the wind is not blowing!

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