I haven’t done a very good job checking the voices of criticism which have been going through my head. I awoke this morning with this again. As I did my journaling I asked Jesus what I was to learn from them? He reminded me to listen to the message of the voice I hear. Does it reflect the purpose of messages from Him, His Holy Spirit? Do the messages give Light or do they give shame? Instantly I knew the source of the voices I’ve heard. The voices were trying to lead me back into the darkness of shame and no value. I know these are never the message of our Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus!

Working with ministry no matter what area must have its difficulties. Satan is always trying to steal, kill and destroy. That much is easy to see when it is happening to someone else. When it happens to me I do like most, draw inward and close off. This is never Jesus intent. He tells us to share our burden with Him and then also with someone we trust. Then, this morning He reminded again to listen to the message. God’s Holy Spirit’s voice sheds Light and gives direction. It promotes healing. Yes, it leads us not into temptation, but it does give Light as to addressing the wrongs of temptation if one steps into sin. The shame, hiding, secrets are all tools of Satan and certainly not our Lord and Savior. I truly want to be obedient to this behavior.

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