Yesterday morning when I wrote in my journal asking God what He wanted me to know for today, He indicated I was to be sure and listen to Him before I responded to the day. I knew what work I was to do in the day but I simply kept His message within me not sure how it was to be applied. As it turned out, the principal had several questions for us. There are two of us working with this particular high school and the director of the consulting work had also come for the morning. I suddenly found myself in the depths of a conversation that was going to need a few years to complete. Our present assignment for this school is a 6 month one. I was repeatedly asked what my thoughts were during the meeting but I found myself overly silent. It wasn’t that I didn’t agree with what the conversation was, but it didn’t fit our present situation.

This morning right before I got out of bed I was reminded that the principal and I had already agreed what my work should look like for these 6 months. I still know deep within that this is the right work for the present. As it turned out, my day today takes me back to this district and in the afternoon to this same site. I know now we will move forward doing what God intends to have done. The discussion yesterday would need 3 years at least to be accomplished/implemented. Today I know what I will say: “Stay the course of the original plan. If the school qualifies for continued help after this spring, we now have a plan started for the next layer of help.” God is GOOD!

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