Yesterday I brought out a puzzling item regarding the Gift of the Holy Spirit being given to the disciples at the end of the book of John. In the book of Acts it brings out the followers of Jesus coming together and waiting for the Holy Spirit to fill them. It happens too as Acts 2:1-4 reads. It was also a time when Jews from various countries were assembled together. The followers were ignited with power and ability to speak Christ’s message in the languages of the crowds. Thus, 3,000 new believers joined Christ’s following that very day.

Maybe all of you already saw this as I’m seeing it today. Christ has made each of us believers a new creation when we accepted Him into our lives. He also gave us The Holy Spirit as our Gift for accepting Him. For much of my life I lived knowing I had the Gift, but I sure didn’t have the Power of the Gift. The Power of the Gift came when I started acting on the nudges of Christ/God/The Holy Spirit and not acting on my fears. I kept myself in isolation knowing I would never be accepted by mankind if they only knew “who I really was”. This turned out to be who I thought I really was–discrediting who Christ had made me to be.

There is nothing puzzling about what the scriptures are saying. Instead, there is amazing strength and encouragement knowing that This Gift we have been given is literally the Power of God put into action through us as we obey His nudges.

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