There is one thing that is not impacted by needing to stay confined to home–my sleep pattern remains the same–maybe that has more to do with being old!

Last week I began to sit in on Zoom meetings one of the superintendents is having with his admin team and his teachers and aides. This was nice as it allowed me to know what is taking place in the development of virtual classroom instruction for them. It also revealed a couple of things I could actually do for them I thought. The superintendent had forwarded to me a link to a conference speaker he had listened to recently. This message encouraged us to not offer a blanket statement of willingness to help. Instead, the speaker suggested naming three ways you can see yourself giving help. This allows the recipient to take them or delete them if they aren’t of help to them. I did just that, I responded back to the superintendent with three ways I could see myself helping at this point in time. Today I will begin working on two of them since he said that would be of benefit to the district.

God has been nudging me to reach out to those on my prayer list I don’t regularly see at this point. I started that yesterday and will continue this. I find it is appreciated by them and it also gives me a lift too. It turns out to be an unexpected blessing. God really is amazing!

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