Today I began the first book of Corinthians in my scripture reading. I’ve always liked the practical side of this book. Paul has a great way of telling the situation like it is and what our role should be. What was hitting me as I began the first chapter was whom God chose to be those He called to do His work. If you read vs. 28 you will see it says: “And God also selected what in the world is lowborn and insignificant…that He might depose and bring to nothing the things that are.”

Joyce Meyers writes an insert regarding this passage. She says, “God works through imperfect people, or what I often call ‘jars of clay’ or ‘cracked pots’.” She goes on to describe how a candle in a jar of clay with a lid on it would still offer no light. However, if the pot has cracks the light will penetrate through them to the outside. She said that this is why God has chosen those of us with cracks in our human exterior–those things we think have made us less than others. Our entry point to the world around us is often not our strengths, but it is our weaknesses which we are willing to talk about/share with others. These are the areas which people are able to identify with us/relate to us.

Reading all of this is like refueling for the ministry work of our Celebrate Recovery and our restoration classes. Even though these ministries have needed to either take a pause in their meeting or meet remotely, the idea of sharing our own struggle and our imperfections makes us “strong in the Lord”. This takes me back to the message I had from yesterday where surrender is not a weakness, but a strength. It is not human strength, but it is the spiritual strength God provides helping others break down their walls as we break down the clay pot which we are so the penetrating Light of God’s Healing can shine through us.

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