Once again the message of LOVE permeates my devotional time. I’ve seen love as a commitment, as an intense emotion, as a goal to strive for, as a desire to protect—and then I read the three little books of John and hear over and over how we are to “be” love. The more we love the more obedient we are, the more we surrender knowing what to surrender to. These characteristics are the ones portrayed to us by Christ’s time on earth as He lived obediently to His Father’s purposes. Now John is telling us that this is our purpose. To live surrendered to Christ and obedient to Him as He modeled so well.

I’m trying to write this message and as I do I am processing all that God has been dealing with me. He has been dealing a great deal with faith, trust, surrender, obedience and now He is awakening what is foundational to them all–LOVE. It is so much easier to live life fully surrendered and obedient when you love and sense being loved. I’ve always tried to do loving things like doing my work well, singing for the right purposes, taking garden produce to my kids, etc. This has been love. Now to “be” love is a new awakening.

Last night a gentleman I’ve sponsored for a few years called to thank me for loving him, understanding him and giving him insights he couldn’t find. He told me I was like a loving dad. Boy, this makes me tear up. God is so faithful and He has such wonderful ways of showing it to each of us. His emphasis of late on Love has helped me to begin to see love in each day.

My life didn’t start knowing love. I knew commitment. God is now showing me that my childhood is my past and I can be free from its lies. A new day is here.

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