Yesterday was just one of those days when everything in it seemed to click nicely together from the very start of the day to the time I climbed into bed. I had a 5 hour zoom mtg with the other ones in the state who do the same I as I. We had a national speaker with us for a couple of those hours which was most insightful. There were several details I was able to attend to and then the time with the birthday grandson began. I had gotten him a gift I was pretty sure he’d love. When he opened it he laid his head on my shoulder and said, “I love you grandpa!” Every since he was a very little tyke, he’s laid his head on my shoulder and hugged. Now that he is 17, he still does this. Of course now he is 6’2” and I’m still 5’6″‘s so it’s a little more awkward, but still as precious.

I can’t help but equate this loving relationship between my grandson and me to the loving relationship growing between God and me. More and more I am learning just how much God has desired this trusting, loving relationship to be known and experienced. I’m into my 7th decade of living, but it is never too late to start into this opportunity to know God, experience God, believe God and surrender all to Him. How I do love Him!

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