Yesterday had a couple of meetings for which I had been concerned about how to step into them. As I’d had my prayer time I’d asked Jesus to take the lead. I wanted to be His servant. I had even felt nudged while I prayed to be a good listener and to only speak when I felt nudged with a response. Not only did both of those meetings go unexpectedly well, but those of us involved walked away with a much clearer understanding of our next steps. God is so Amazing!

My scripture reading this morning continues into the book of Numbers. It is here that God commanded Moses to speak to the rock so water would come forth and stop the grumbling of the Israelites. When Moses acted on God’s command, he struck the rock twice as he spoke to it. Water did come gushing forth as God said it would, but Moses had put a bit of himself into God’s command when he struck the rock as well as spoke to it. Because of this Moses was told he would not be going into the promise land. I’ve always thought God was being overly harsh with Moses, but this morning gave me a much clearer understanding.

There is no other bible character for whom God spoke to as Moses. Moses had a lot to learn about trusting God, but once God had spoken to him at the burning bush, he never walked away from God’s direction in his life. When God told Moses to speak to the rock that’s all he was to do. In the New Testament I Corinthians 10:4, Paul writes that this same rock Moses struck twice represents Christ. Moses had already struck the rock in Exodus bringing forth water from it. This time all he was to do was to speak to it. Instead he struck it twice. If we are to be surrendered servants to God’s Kingdom Work, we cannot continue to try and have ourselves seen in the work. We are Light carriers of the Light itself–Jesus Christ. Only He is to be seen.

I use to do all I did for Christ so I’d be worthy/valuable for Christ. Today God is making it clear that Christ has already made me valuable/worthy. I’m to take myself out of the equation and be a Torch Carrier for the One True King–Jesus Christ.

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