Today will be our last one in Tennessee. Early tomorrow we will fly to Oklahoma for a week with our kids. Yesterday I acted on a nudge which turned out to be a blessing for today. Twenty five years ago Kathy and I were in Turkmenistan starting their first international school. This followed the year we had spent in Yemen. Shortly after arriving we met a young man who was there teaching English at the university. He was from Tennessee and was supported by his church to take the gospel to this country. One couldn’t be in any of these countries as a missionary so his secular assignment was teaching English. We became good friends during this year and we have stayed in touch on a limited basis for these 25 years following.

Yesterday morning I had a nudge to reach out to him to see if he were by chance living close to where we are. Turns out he is only 30 minutes away. He now teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) at the state university here. He has one class this morning and he is then coming to spend the day with us after the class. It will be a fun time to catch up with him. Our relationship grew close because of our becoming accountability partners while we were in this foreign land. The story behind this is one only God put together, but I rejoice each and every time it comes to mind. He even has been involved in a local Celebrate Recovery after his return from Turkmenistan.

Reaching out to him yesterday was an intuition nudge which I had started to ponder rather than respond. However, due to yesterday morning’s devotional time I acted on it rather than delayed. I’m so glad I did and now we get to have this time together. Wow! God is so Amazing!

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