We have been with our kids for a couple of days now and yesterday was a wonderful time to go to church with them. Our son in law taught his Sunday School lesson on zoom for the only thing which is open for them is their worship service. In order to see the kids’ friends which have become our friends too, they had several couples come last night for dinner and fellowship. How fun it was!

As I listen to the dilemma’s they face here, it sounds just like home. It is hard to sort through what each of us should be doing individually and collectively as a body. In times past it seemed the church was the main influence on our greater government’s thinking/decision-making. Today our churches are primarily influenced by what the government is telling us. Sorting through what is the right thing to do and what is the best thing is tough everywhere. God is working in the midst of this. In fact, I keep being reminded that man learns to respond best to God when we are in crisis. Well, I pray we all learn huge lessons about God and responding to Him from what seems to be this present darkness.

What I do know is that God still nudges through His Holy Spirit’s presence within us/me. Sorting through one’s own emotional passion and knowing if we are responding to God or self or if self-passion aligns with God’s purposes is a conundrum. I just know I will move forward as the doors open and will attempt to keep my spiritual ears listening better than my human emotion responds. Such is the journey for today. In the meantime, I am so glad to have this time with our kids!

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