The journey of yesterday and today has me facing some things which I despise. Yesterday revealed some ugly situations taking place with some people very close to me. It is the kind of circumstances which leave me saying, “WHAT? How can this even happen?” The ugliness of human behavior and choices does leave us breathless at some moments in life.

As I have been having my devotional time this morning I have recognized the evil present in these situations. Evil not only wants to win, but he also wants to destroy as much peace as possible which God our Father gives His kids through their relationship with His Son Jesus. I rebuked these spirits by their evil names and replaced them with Christ’s peace that passeth all understanding, Philippians 4:7.

Jesus Christ is abundantly waiting for us to draw upon the authority He has given to us. I never want to abuse this authority, but I do want to use it as The Holy Spirit nudges me to do so. I sense myself being challenged to step out of my comfort zone and enter into an area of darkness with The Only Light that penetrates this darkness. Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. I will proclaim His Name!

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