Today’s journey starts as all others, in the den with my two devotionals, my bible and my prayer list. My bible reading had me reading the account of Samson in the book of Judges. In spite of Samson’s lifestyle, he was a man got anointed from conception. As long as he was obedient of God’s leadership in his life, God was Mightily at work using him to overcome the oppression of the Philistines. This message resonated and aligned so well with my devotional which was all about our obedience to God.

Within the past couple days I’ve found out about 4 of my greater family members who have this virus. Along with that, there are others battling their own grief. I was notified yesterday afternoon so I could pray. I was told that God hears my prayers and those of my wife Kathy. I’m always troubled when I hear this message because the weight of it seems too daunting. Yet, the title of today’s devotion is: “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” A short excerpt from it says, “Has it ever dawned on you that you are responsible spiritually to God for other people?” It goes on to say, “Our sufficiency is from God…” and God alone.” II Corinthians 3:5.

I’ve always struggled with that sense of worthiness to carry someone else’s burden to God. The weight of my sin’s filth had me believing I was too unworthy. I would pray hoping God would hear the prayer in spite of me. Today, I realize that all of this is true. God hears my prayers in spite of sin done to me and those of my own choosing. My sufficiency or lack thereof does not make my prayers meaningful. It is God’s sufficiency in me which makes them meaningful. So, today I prayed for so many who are hurting. God seeks our obedience and sees us through HIs Sufficiency. Thanks be to God! Our God is Mighty to Heal and Save and I praise His Name for this!

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