Today I need to continue yesterday’s message. That message wasn’t complete unto itself. It was only a start of a new way to look at problems which come into our lives. God is wanting me to learn an entirely new approach to issues I face in life.

I’m in to I Kings with my bible reading. In it Elijah has told King Ahab about the drought which will hit the country. God then sends Elijah to a couple places where he is cared for during this time of drought. After 3 years God sends him back to Israel to end the time. In so doing, he sacrifices to God and then he kills the 400 prophets of Baal after God consumes Elijah’s sacrifice and the sacrifice to Baal is still present. Elijah tells the people to ready themselves for a big rainstorm. As he goes to Mt. Carmel and worships God, he tells his servant to look toward the sea to spot the forthcoming rain. Seven times he does this before a tiny cloud formation is starting. It is then he knows to prepare himself for the rain as he’d already told the Israelites to do.

I appreciated very much what Joyce Meyers had to say about this. She writes that instead of Elijah doubting as he waited on Mt. Carmel, he continued to worship and tell his servant to look again. What God had led him to do in confronting Ahab and the prophets of Baal wasn’t a mistake or a misunderstanding of God’s Voice to him. He trusted God’s Voice. When times hit us and we doubt, we need to be reminded of this message. God wants us to trust. Satan wants us to doubt and he will do all he can to feed this deception within us.

After the sad news I wrote about yesterday, I can come to God and trust that even though the kids aren’t coming and I can no longer go into the schools, God still has a purpose and a plan for this Christmas season and for our schools. Instead of sadness I will trust Him to open my eyes to know what this time holds as each day comes. Join me in trusting!

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