The house is very quiet–the first indication that everyone is gone except Kathy who is snoozing away. There are remnants in many places indicating that there has been a “grandkids’ storm” very recently, but it has subsided! The clean-up won’t take too long! It was a fun 48 hours having most of the family here.

Today starts with our quartet singing for a funeral of a man we had sung for only a couple weeks ago. Six days after we sang, he passed. His wife asked if we’d sing for his service which is in just a few hours. This afternoon I will listen to one of the young men in our step study as he tells me his inventory. This young man has shown nothing but commitment to his need for overcoming. I’m proud of him for this and today I pray God will open his eyes to what he needs to do for next steps and where he needs to let go.

The message of last Sunday regarding the new creation vs the old self is still being addressed. Today’s message hits it squarely. Paul, in Acts 23:1, describes the good conscience he had. He is saying, “Well, Lord, I can go to sleep with a perfectly good conscience”. He goes on to describe what he did to keep a good conscience. “Therefore I always exercise and discipline myself (putting to death my bodily cravings, deadening my carnal affections, bodily appetites and worldly desires) to have a clear conscience…” Joyce Meyers writes that our new creation is still flesh. The flesh still craves what could turn into sin if we act on it. The Holy Spirit’s presence within us is able to help us stop stepping into sin as we do as Paul is writing. I needed this clear message and it is so timely. God is always perfect in His timing!

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