I found it interesting again in my reading of Job where there seems to be so much judgment of him by his friends, my devotional was about judgment. Charles Spurgeon writes in the devotional that we are free of God’s justice because Christ paid the price of sin for us. We are in debt not to justice, but to Christ’s love. He brings out that Peter said he’d die before he’d ever deny Him. Yet in the same evening he denies Jesus 3 times. Spurgeon goes on to ask, “Rather than dying for Christ, are we willing to live for Him?”

As I am reading Job it is so easy to step into judging the friends of Job. This morning I asked God to show me what I am to learn from this book? He then showed me what came out in the devotional–“Live for Him”. Living for Jesus doesn’t look like judging others. We can learn from the book of Job just how ugly judgment is. These friends came to console Job who had lost everything and now his own health was sorely at risk. Yet, what did they do? I don’t want my friendship to come across this way–ever.

The challenge to live for Jesus is our challenge. The friends of Job had never experienced Jesus or been given The Holy Spirit. In Living for Jesus, we have The Holy Spirit within us to lead us each and every step of our days. I know how my humanness wants to step in at times, but I also know that when I stop for just one moment the Voice of God speaks. I may have to wait for the message, but the first thing is to stop the stepping into what my humanness would do. OK, this is lesson number 1 from Job.

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