The blessings of yesterday were truly nice. The recognition given to Celebrate Recovery in both services was deeply appreciated by everyone and it seems the congregation also appreciated it as well.

I go to one of the schools today even though it is President’s Day. They are a 4 day school week so they honor the holidays on the Friday’s rather than the Monday’s. I’m delaying my start due to all of the snow we are getting. It is to be done by mid-morning so I’ll head out then. The roads will be plowed by then.

Today the Psalms are filled with Glory and Honor due to God our Father, Christ our King (even though men did not know about Christ at the time of their writing). I told the men in our step study yesterday morning that reading the Bible with the mindset that God’s Voice is the one I hear as the words are read, gives me a whole new perspective. God is praising Himself and He is telling me I can praise Him too. He delights in our praise of Him. God doesn’t personally struggle with arrogance and conceit like man does. He simply receives praise as our recognition of His Genuine Love, Grace and Mercy. He asks us to live this way. I have much to learn here but I know I’m on the right road.

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