Yesterday I was able to spend an hour+ with my prayer warrior. She is going to be 90 years old in a couple of weeks. I truly enjoy being with her. She always has just the right message. God keeps using her to give more and more insights into living fully for Him. I was telling her about my current scripture reading in Psalms and what Joyce Meyers had written. (My prayer warrior is the one who gave me this particular bible about 5 years ago). I told her that God was teaching me that my past doesn’t need to be my present. She told me that was a great quote which she wanted to remember. I love her encouragement!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that John Baker, founder of Celebrate Recovery passed away last Wednesday. He was 72 and this was not expected. This ministry has spread across the world and it is now led by his son and ministry team. I thank God that John was one of His kids who listened well and the world has profited immensely because of his obedience to God. I am one of millions who have found freedom because of this man’s obedience. John’s mess became a message for the world. I always find it amazing to pause and reflect on the ways God takes each one of our messes and turns them into His message as we give all of it over to Him. How I love this God of ours!

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