SPRING IS HERE! Today begins the glorious season of spring. New life is just beginning. Yesterday afternoon I had a two hour visit with a man who had recently read my book. He had contacted me wanting to know if we could talk. He is finally ready to face the abuse of his past and quit having it hold him back in his forward walk with God, his wife and with his family and others. Boy, I sure related to this. In the midst of his talk he said, “I feel like spring is coming to me–new life.” He seemed very ready to start the journey of healing. I gave him the book, Mending the Soul to start his reading. I said we can begin the class after Easter giving him time to read ahead of starting the workbook. I also wanted to see if there were any other men who would want to join the class. The timing seems right since we just finished the step study I was leading.

This morning as I have been having my devotions I found God asking me if I noticed the difference in myself yesterday as we met? I hadn’t been nervous–instead I felt calm and truly engaged. Yes, what I’d heard was troublesome, but it didn’t own me. I didn’t try to deflect any emotions as being unnecessary, they were respected and appreciated at the times they arose to the surface. I had to stop and thank God for pointing this out. It made me realize just how much healing God has done for me–slowly but surely. The prayer that my prayer warrior prayed over me last summer has taken root. She had prayed that the self-doubt and the self-worthlessness would be replace with self-love, self-appreciation and self-confidence. That is exactly what would describe yesterday. The love, appreciation and confidence didn’t have anything to do with arrogance as my father would always accuse me. It was an assurance that God was at work and I got to be part of it.

New life is beginning and new life has begun! How much I praise God!

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