One of the wonderful things about this month is that I can plant everything in the garden with a pretty good confidence it won’t freeze. I don’t have to look at the dormant piece of ground any longer. Soon there will be a big assortment of vegetables growing!

Yesterday was a day of God working. I know this happens everyday, but for me, there were several moments when God’s timing and work were impeccable. I cannot thank God enough for the way He works! Now my prayer is that everyone involved will be good listeners to next steps so bonding can take place which has never been known before. God’s bonding is eternal and that is what I pray will happen.

Having no other God before me is something God keeps reminding me to think about. Relying only on Him as He takes the lead and I do my part as He nudges. This is truly a step of learning I want to keep close to my heart and mind.

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