There is a song our quartet sings entitled: “He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away”. I sing the lead in it which is always a struggle for me for the words are a living testimony of my recovery. The first verse goes, Empty and broken I came back to Him a vessel unworthy and so scarred from sin. But He did not despair, He started over again and I bless the day He didn’t throw the clay away.” I have always known there was scripture supporting this song and I came right to it this morning. It is found in Jeremiah 18:1-6.

As you read on in the 18th chapter one finds that the Israelites didn’t heed the message Jeremiah delivered to them. In fact, Jeremiah was put into stocks overnight because of it. Jeremiah was telling them to turn from their selfishness and listen again to God and heed His commands so they would find blessings again. When I wrote yesterday’s blog about living fully for Jesus 24/7, I asked Jesus to show me the gods I worship selfishly. He started!

One of the things abuse “teaches” is isolation. One thinks he is all alone in his torment and Satan has a hay day with this. Jesus is truly taking me to task in this. Even though I know this I don’t always act as though I do. This morning He was addressing this with me in great detail. I am never alone–never without His Presence and His Spirit within. I truly want to be awake to Him throughout my day and night everyday. How blessed I am–we are!

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