Yesterday was an unusual day primarily centered around the funeral of a man who loved Jesus and lived for Him. His celebration of life was entirely done by his family including siblings, kids and grandkids all tied to video clips they’d created. The only sermon were the words of two songs he’d wanted. His wife told me he didn’t want a sermon, he wanted the song’s words to be what God would use to speak to those in attendance. I’ve known this man for years but I didn’t know his connection to others I knew who were present. It was a tremendous celebration of life as well as a tremendous reunion for the living.

Our Oklahoma kids are coming in tomorrow for two weeks. There is much planned for this time. Satan really loves the pleasure of destroying families and what would create lasting memories. He is attempting to do this with our own so that a celebration would look more like a disaster with memories being–we will never do this again. My resolve is not to try and fix this, but to let Jesus Christ take care of it. God Almighty is our family’s real Father. So, I’m letting His Son Jesus do what He knows to do and I will put my Trust in Him. To God be all Glory!

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