Yesterday turned out to be one with great learning. I went to see my prayer warrior. It was to be an hour but turned into two. She is such a Godly woman with tremendous insights from God’s Word. She helps clarify so much for me. She reminded me that praise is to always start our prayers to God. Praise shows trust/faith, even if it is only the faith of a mustard seed. God inhabits our praise. I needed that reminder. I always start my journaling with notes of praise but by the time I begin my prayer time I forget this key and I go right into needs–not today. I’ve put my praise reminder at the top of my prayer list now and it is in red.

Today one of our young men will be giving his testimony for Celebrate Recovery. He is coming so far in his walk and development of Godly wisdom. I really look forward to not only hearing it tonight, but to also see how God will use the message to touch others’ lives. I sent him a message this morning encouraging him as I know he will be nervous and will already be. It is a joy to be part of one’s journey and get to witness the continuous healing and growing God does in one’s life. Then, to witness the one giving back to God by sharing the journey’s steps for the sake of someone else’s needs. Our GOD is so GOOD!

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