Almost 7 months ago my sis just older than me had a stroke which left her unable to continue to work and has completely changed her life. She has two sons who live close enough to her that they have stepped in and become her right-hand men. The older one has been there with her each and every day since she was able to move back home. Her home has sold and today she moves into a senior apartment. There is 6 months of details I could add to this but truth be known, each one of us is a human with a fragile life which we cannot determine its outcome. Yes, we can certainly determine much of what we do during this lifetime, but the deterioration of our flesh is not in our control. I love this sis of mine. She has been my cheerleader throughout my life. We talk several times a week and now it is my turn to cheer her on. She is only two years older than me so we have fully lived through one another’s lives and the events of them.

I thank God for Bonnie and I thank God for her sons–especially her older one who could manipulate his own schedule to be his mom’s number one caretaker. The beautiful part of this too is that his wife and daughter have been right along side of him throughout these past seven months giving all the support possible and never complaining about the sacrifices needing to be made. This is all a testament of a Godly family unit. Boy, do I thank God for it!

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