Our class yesterday was a miracle making one. I’ve never taught this curriculum where the men were as open to disclose as these men are. In the grief chart you hear a great deal being spoken from the second column, Anger & Bitterness. I keep reminding us that this is from the 2nd column of the chart. They have moved from the first to the second. God is moving them. Yes, we are awake to the anguish and pain and that is required in order to heal. Moving into this column awakens great pain which feeds the anger that must be expressed. We have cut open the “cancer Satan wants to use to ‘kill his prey'”. Our prayer warrior said she was sensing a great burden during our class time and rightfully so. However, this burden is turning into the steps of healing. “The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective as we confess one to another.” James 5:16. This is what happened yesterday.

Day 5–Surrender. God has truly been emphasizing a message as I am reading Daniel. This message is that when we surrender fully to Him, we no longer compromise what we do to satisfy man. Daniel was called excellent because what he did, he did to always satisfy God. In my work with education I often bring the conversation back around to what is best for the kids/students. We never want to compromise what is best for the students and their learning just because it might be difficult for the adults. My line is that we are the ones being paid to do the work. We chose this work. The students are in school because the law of the land requires them to be. So, we want to always do what is best for them and their learning. In a similar way I find that this is what God is saying about never compromising His Ways to make it “easier” on us.

I have much to learn about this entire picture. We often collaborate with man to find a clear pathway reaching our goal/s. Is God the head of the collaboration team? I want Him to be fully in charge, but I don’t necessarily do this until after the fact praying He will bless the work of the team. I have some aligning to do.

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