Reading the book of Daniel is always a fascinating experience. Much of the book one can read with a good deal of understanding. Then, there is the part which remains nothing but mysterious. All we know is that Jesus Christ is victorious in the end! However, that is not the end, but the start of a new beginning. I love the mystery, but I also love to have decisive conclusions. This is the part where I let go and surrender to trust and faith.

Yesterday started with a meeting I wrote about which was a nice God moment. The rest of the day continued that way. It was the 2nd day of on-line (zoom) training for the state-wide sites having consultants working with them. The training was outstanding and very useful. Then, following the training I had two conference calls with districts I work with privately. Both of them were invigorating. Here it is the end of June and I want the next school year to start today!

I love the clarity God provides. It is now the time to pass along the wisdom with God leading so His Light doesn’t get turned into another one of “man’s ideas” which may or may not work. Whether work is secular or spiritual, God’s Light is always brilliant and awakening. My prayer is to continuously be His torch bearer as we move forward.

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