We are in Kingston, WA for today’s wedding which will take place this afternoon. As we walked into the hotel yesterday afternoon upon our arrival, there stood the bride and groom to be. We haven’t seen one another since the start of the pandemic so it was a moment of celebration ahead of today’s wedding. Later in the evening we ran into two of the bride’s brothers and their families. All of them were students of mine at one point in their earlier years–my earlier ones too!

Yesterday as Kathy and I were in our room once we had checked in I got a call from one of our Celebrate Recovery gals at home. She was distraught. Her high school son had just informed her he was stepping away from Jesus because he was bisexual and he couldn’t participate in this and follow Jesus. After she had cried and calmed down she was ready to talk with him. I offered to talk with and listen to him this next week if he is willing.

The bible is clear in what is sin. The church and our present society has done a real number on this topic of homosexuality. I know because I’ve lived in the midst of this struggle all of my life. A struggle is not a sin. A sin is stepping into the struggle and engaging in it. I’ve struggled with gay thinking and kept it hidden my entire life and I thought I was stained so deeply because of this struggle I could only get into heaven if I did enough for Jesus to outweigh the sin. I had to keep it a secret! Let our society say what it will, sin is still sin but our church must understand that the struggle is not the sin. We love all sinners for none of us is without sin. God help us as we face the issues of today.

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