LET FREEDOM RING! It is Independence Day and what I want to say is Thank You God! We are such a blessed nation. It is right to not only praise God in this day, but to go to church to do so. It is not often that the 4th comes about on Sunday so it seems doubly important to Thank God and do so within our churches which stand up for Jesus!

The freedom of a country is one thing, yet, the freedom of the soul through salvation is totally another. It you have been bound by sin, the bondage of sinful actions of self and/or the sinful actions done to you–there is FREEDOM for you! The Lord Jesus Christ has gifted you and me eternal FREEDOM through His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave! Invite Him into your heart and life and surrender your will to Him. There is no greater freedom than this! No matter what state your country is in, this personal freedom is available for you. I lived a long time before I knew this freedom Christ gives us. He so wants us to join Him and His promises are true! I know this for a fact. Praise God!

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