Today begins the first of 3 days for the Celebrate Recovery Summit. We will be attending it virtually again this year as in last year. They have it live for those who are attending in person. The beauty of virtual is that we have 18 attending where in person the costs make it too expensive for more than 3-4. I’m eager to learn what this summit will bring.

Today’s devotional message is all about HOPE. Recently I was talking to our prayer warrior about the absence of hope in the men attending the Mending the Soul class. I had told her they needed hope in order to even have the “faith of a mustard seed”. I even said that to me, faith is the spiritual substance of hope. Of course, this was just my own interpretation. Today, however, in Zephaniah 9:12 it says, “Return to the stronghold you prisoners of hope; even today do I declare that I will restore double your former prosperity to you.” Joyce Meyers writes that a prisoner of hope is someone who refuses to stop hoping in God.

I’ve always thought hope was a nice thing to have, but faith was far more important. Well, I’m readjusting today. Hope is far more substantial than I ever gave it credit. I’m going to picture for now a garden of hope where I plant a seed of faith and start with this. I’m going to hope for a mighty harvest!

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