Well, God is always Almighty! The meeting yesterday was actually very touching. To my surprise, one of the teachers was at college when I was there (a class behind me) and introduced herself to me saying she was glad I could be part of them for a year. Another teacher came up and introduced herself as a teacher who had been in another school 10 years earlier where I’d worked. It is always nice to have an entry point so one is not a complete stranger.

As the day went on I wanted to get several things done at home in my yard and garden. My one grandson came to help. He had lost his wallet a few days ago and had been unable to find it. He helped me pick almost 4 gallons of blackberries and them we picked over 5 gallons of green beans. When we took a break he sat down in a recliner in the family room only to stick his hand down alongside of the couch pad. He yelled, “Grandpa, here’s my wallet!” When he had been staying at our house a week ago while I was with the school district in Montana, it must have worked out of his pocket. He was so happy and I thanked Jesus for caring so much!

I am always touched by the caring nature of our One True God–Jesus Christ! There were several other little details which took place yesterday where I thanked Him. He reminded me this morning that putting my faith fully in Him and keeping my eyes always on Him will keep fear and anxiety at bay. How thankful I am for our One True God–Jesus Christ!

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