Yesterday was quite a day. In our class–Mending the Soul, we were addressing the first part of the chapter entitled Shame. One of the men said this chapter made him sick because it is simply too true regarding his life. I have always said that dealing with my own shame has been the most difficult part of facing my own past abuse. My dad’s attack on my personal makeup and personality only fed the lies I had about myself being used by a gay brother. I was amazed to hear these men being so open to their own shame and its ownership of them. The chapter does a thorough job getting each participant to face and address this is their life.

The other thing about yesterday’s class which has been amazing me is that by this time in a Step Study for Celebrate Recovery, a few of the men have dropped out. The topics are too difficult and they are not ready to face them. However, in this particular class of men, no one is dropping out. Instead, they are coming early and talking ahead of class about what is taking place in their lives, the difficulty of the curriculum, but how much it is clarifying what they’ve not wanted to address and mostly, didn’t know how to address in their lives so they simply kept stuffing it. I am so grateful to see this taking place. God has helped these men be ready for this time of healing and it is a real honor to weekly experience the growth. How patient and merciful our God is!

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