Should it surprise anyone that when you hear a message from God that it would come about? Yesterday, when I wrote what I did in this blog, I had no idea how this would materialize, I just knew it needed to come together. As I got to the school the consultant was already there. I had time to share with her the need within the school to be confident that what “I am teaching” is right for the learner–the student/s. This consultant has a natural, confident approach to her so I asked that she put that style into words along with action as she taught and as she met with the teachers during the day and afterwards when we would follow-up her demo teaching in all of their rooms.

This morning as I reflect on yesterday I am in awe at how thorough the day went. The entire staff of teachers were open to the modeling and they asked most meaningful questions. All day long I could see their eyes light-up as they learned strategies which will work for them. I know all of this is secular work, but God has been teaching me over and over that His Work is not separated into secular or spiritual. It is always Spiritual and it is always LIGHT. He can work where He is invited and it is always about belief, trust, faith. It makes my heart humbly happy to be able to work with Jesus and His Holy Spirit in this capacity.

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