This morning I awoke with a heaviness I haven’t known for a while. Today has some interruptions in it which complicate the routine I usually follow in the school for which I’m working. I also had an email from the superintendent regarding a meeting which added another layer of interruption. This is for today, but I’m coming off of a day where a meeting with yesterday’s school had me a little unraveled as to steps to take with them. So, I started my journaling with Jesus telling Him I wasn’t able to do justice to today when He kindly reminded me to take a look at Him rather than me. I had just yesterday morning told Him I would surrender completely to The Holy Spirit’s control of my life and already I’d begun to look at me rather than give it to Him. In doing this I was quickly able to realize this is just a day and all of this will work itself out as I take it one step at a time. I’m not the one who needs to do the prioritizing. God will do that as I approach each one of these. My job is to show up and go where God leads at the time. I can and do trust Him in this.

Yesterday’s school and today’s school have several factors which need attention in order to be working as smoothly as they ought. It is easy to get caught up in the quagmire of details forgetting to focus on the goal and purpose of my presence with them. This morning’s time with God has done just that–brought Light into a moment of darkness. Boy, Satan sure loves darkness. However, The Holy Spirit’s presence shatters it as soon as I reposition myself with Him.

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