Corinthians, both first and second, has so much Paul is attempting to get the people to understand about the importance of relationships–healthy ones committed to God and His purposes in our lives. However, the one relationship that often times is hardest to talk about and do anything about is the one with oneself. We spend so much time working on friendships with others and all the while avoid at any cost looking deeply into ourselves.

These past couple of years have intensified this greatly for me. This morning’s devotional time has an insert written by Joyce Meyer. She writes, “A large number of believers are tormented by negative thinking about themselves. They think about how God must be so displeased with them because of all their weaknesses and failures.” She goes on to write, “…If you ever want to behave better, you have to change your thinking first. …Every time a negative, condemning thought comes to mind, remind yourself that God loves you, that you have been made the righteousness of God in Christ.”

I have needed to unlearn the belief that I needed to earn my righteousness of God in Christ. That is who I am as a new creation by accepting Christ into my life. The work I do is not to earn this, the work I do is to believe it. What Joyce Meyer says about changing our thinking is what I’ve needed to do. Confronting the lies Satan puts into our minds is a discipline. Who I am is anchored in what God has promised through the righteousness of His Son Jesus. Believing this is my work–not earning it.

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