Today’s devotional was speaking about something that troubled me almost all of my life. It was saying that the blood of Jesus cleansed us from all our sin. It references this cleansing to a spiritual bath where the stains of sin are all washed away. Isaiah 1:18 says: “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow.”

This coming Thursday I will be teaching the lesson “Sponsor” for our Celebrate Recovery group. This lesson has been rearranged by the author so that it now follows the Action lesson. The most important action we take is that of asking Jesus into our hearts so that “our sins are washed away”. This is especially important to me because I lived my life never knowing (believing) that the sins done to me from sexual abuse were “washed away”. They weren’t washed away–they were there haunting me every single day and often throughout the day. The older I got the more haunting these memories were. Nothing was washed away–I thought. I look back at these years and now know why having a sponsor in my life would have been so helpful.

My brother’s sins were not mine, yet I didn’t know how to be cleansed of the thoughts/memories. Because I didn’t talk about it with anyone, I never had help understanding this until I went to counseling/therapy. That helped, but it wasn’t until my prayer warrior prayed the 3-R’s over me: Recognize, Reject and Replace, that I was able to then replace these lies with what I call the 3-S’s: Self-love, Self-appreciation and Self-Confidence. A prayer warrior is part of what a good sponsor is for each one. I appreciated having this clarity given this morning as I prepare for Thursday’s lesson. God is so GOOD!

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