As I continue into II Peter I find him reinforcing our need to love and build close relationships. The difference in II Peter 1 is that the relationship is now with Jesus Christ Himself. I love how he is building on deception and listening to what man says rather than what God says in His Word and using God’s Word as our barometer to know if man’s word is from him or from God. Deception is something we always have to be careful about. And, it is extremely important that we are not part of the messengers of deception.

The first chapter of II Peter talks about God equipping us to know Him and to understand Him. He doesn’t want us doing this through other men, He wants us to do this through Himself. There’s nothing wrong with relating with man, we simply are not to take what man says as gospel. It has to align with God’s Word.

There are a million messages being thrown around presently in our world by mankind. I love how Peter is pointing us back to God’s Word as the final voice. We can only know this if we are in His Word and talk it over with God so His confirming Voice through the Holy Spirit can lead us into His Truth. There is a confirming peace which God’s Holy Spirit provides once we spend this time with Him. The last important point hitting me this morning is that during the time we are working through a confusing message, we can TRUST GOD in this interim. Having Faith & Trust are powerful opponents to deception.

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