Yesterday was one of the smoothest traveling days I’ve had. All my concerns about coming to Montana in January quickly dissipated. Even though there are a couple of feet of snow, the temperature was above freezing so the roads were in great shape for the distance driving for which I thank God!

God is introducing me to a new level of trust in Him. I’ve begun to give myself phone reminders during the day so I can remember to keep Christ at the forefront of my work and daily living. However, this morning in my journaling it seemed God was wanting me to do more than a quick check. He wants me to check to see if the work reflects Him? I can know this when listening is for understanding and my comments are above human wisdom. It is a new level of keeping Christ and The Holy Spirit in the lead of my day’s work. I want to do this, but I have some habits to change/adjust. God is amazing. I’ve always wanted God in the lead, now He is showing me how this is done by changing me. The work of a new creation is never done.

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